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The writers' wrealm forum is an online community welcoming everyone.  Whether you're venturing for some writing ideas, sharing your latest works, or simply looking for new ways to interact online, the forum is here to suit your needs! 

Signing up

To access the forum and interact with all the wrealmers, all you have to do is create a free account.  We take this extra step to increase the safety of our community.  And don't worry, signing up takes less than a minute!

Once you sign in, you will be automatically redirected to the "Wrealmers" page where you will see all of our current members.  That means you have successfully joined our forum.  The next step, although not required, is to customize your account.  You can add a profile photo/avatar, edit your username and compose a bio.  The profile will be visible to other wrealmers when you create posts, like, comment or follow others.

Creating your first post

Watch the short tutorial below to see how simple creating a post on this forum really is. 

Now that you know how to create an account and contribute posts, go ahead and make your first post! 

About: About

About the blog

The science blog is a key feature of this website.  The subjects covered include astrophysics, quantum mechanics, complex mathematics and theoretical science.  

You will be able to indulge in learning about the most mysterious and significant aspects of our universe, from the nature of blackholes to the notion of tiny subatomic strings governing our very existence.  

Are there extra dimensions that we don't know about curled up within our typical 3-D world?  Is our universe merely one of countless other geometric bubbles existing in an infinite multiverse? Can wormholes serve as a gateway for time travel and do they already exist, perhaps in a parallel universe?


Check out the science blog to dive into discussions answering humanity's most enticing questions.

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A note from the creator

Welcome all to writers' wrealm!  I am delighted that you've visited this platform and hope it can help you develop a variety of helpful skills, as well as further your knowledge of truly fascinating topics.

Why did I create the forum?

Let's be real here for a minute.  Everyone struggles with writing.  From the most renowned author to the average high school student, we all struggle.  This is not at all because we lack talent, motivation or expertise.  Rather, because writing is essentially a subject that can't be "mastered" but rather expanded.

Even J. K. Rowling faces the good old writers' block while fabricating a worldwide best-seller.  So what better way to address our shared struggles as writers than to create a community?  All members can hone in their writing knowledge and tips to help those in need while also sharing their struggles to receive advice from diverse perspectives.  


Working through the global language of written word is no doubt a challenge, but as a constructive and supportive community, we can help each other excel to new heights.

This is the vision behind the writers' wrealm forum.

Behind the Blog

Adding a science blog to a literature-oriented website may be slightly unanticipated.  However, I had several motives for adjoining the two fields, which I will now briefly outline.

To begin with, my integration of science with writing comes from a place of personal passion.  I find great pleasure in writing diverse works and experimenting with new genres.  I have composed short stories, memoirs, autobiographical content, multiple poems and hope to create a novel one day!


Likewise, I find an unquenchable thirst of knowledge in the fields of astrophysics and quantum mechanics, as well as theoretical sciences of both.  My worldview transformed upon exposure to online content and books examining the greatest mysteries of our universe.  Upon looking back, I only wish that astrophysical and quantum sciences found me sooner, allowing me to venture into their life-altering journey of fundamental understanding.  There is truly more to life than our chaotic little planet amidst an unknown, perhaps infinitely large universe..........

Although I've possessed my passion of fundamental sciences for a while, I did not decide to act on it until experiencing an epiphany: these sciences lacked the exposure which they deserved. Introductory astrophysics/astronomy was not offered as an elective at my high school nor at the majority of high schools in the US.  Likewise, the amount of information provided on the Internet for a desperately inquisitive student like myself was often marginal.  I struggled to find reliable websites and videos to further explore the fundamental sciences.  The fact that schools lacked astrophysics/quantum programs while the web also presented a limited supply was very disheartening.  Everyone should, or at least deserves, to learn about the universe from which we all nearly-miraculously came into existence.  How can such a fundamental and intriguing subject be undervalued by society?  


That's where I decided to assist in commonizing astrophysics and quantum physics, with the goal of sharing my passion and knowledge with the world.  The result is my Science Blog, which I hope can spread that same infectious thirst for universal knowledge to you as well!

~your administrator

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